About Our School

The Early Years

Happy Thought School is an Early Years School from Kindergarten through Grade 4. Literacy and Numeracy are emphasized and other subjects taken include; Science, Social Studies, Health, Physical Education, Music and exposure to French. Core French is introduced in grade 4. Often, several subject areas are integrated in a thematic approach.

English-Ukrainian Bilingual Program

Ukrainian instruction is available to students from kindergarten through Grade 4. Students take the same subjects as the English program in addition to Ukrainian language and culture.

Guidelines for Successful Learning

Guidelines are established for students to obtain the maximum benefit from their learning experience at school. For those who follow and exercise these principles, they will experience success in their work and school will be a pleasant experience.

Parents are encouraged to take an active interest in their child's education; this support will enhance students' learning. In addition, parents can assist by ensuring that the five guidelines for successful learning are followed:

  1. Attendance - all students are expected to attend all classes and be on time.
  2. Preparation for Class:
    • Books, materials, completed assignments, permission slips, gym clothing, and footwear must be brought to classes regularly.
    • Rest - students must have a reasonable amount of rest to remain alert throughout the day.
    • Nutrition - everyone must have healthy eating habits to have the energy for a productive day at school.
  3. Effort - all students are expected to put forth their best effort into their work and make effective use of class time.
  4. Respect The Right To Learn -for the benefit of others and yourself.
  5. Respect for People and Property - is expected for harmonious relationships and a pleasant working environment.